Let’s shift our focus for just a moment. It is easy to say ” I am stuck…” or ” I don’t have….” What DO you have? Do you have a home to self isolate in? Do you have family to talk to? Are you healthy? It is all about perspective.

Let’s look at this from a scientific stand point. Your emotions are processed in your brain. Your brain is divided into sections. the emotional brain is part of the limbic system. Within this system is the amygdala. This piece is what processes fear and anxiety. Amazingly, this is the first part of your brain to develop. Some refer to this as part of the “primitive brain”.

As with any other part of your body, you are in control. There are many, many ways to “train your brain” to not have that primitive reaction. Mediation, essential oils, physical activity…. you have to find what works for you. So shift your perspective and tell me what YOU have!

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