When you are a child, they say you will change your career path at least ten times before you turn 18. They say you will change your mind again at least 5 more times before 25. Well, I knew from a very early age that I wanted to help people. I held an interest in natural medicine for as long as I can remember. Spending hours reading and studying how different cultures used various herbs and remedies to treat their people was a regular occurrence.

Being a Florida native, I have had the privilege of growing up in nature. Exploring the oceans and natural springs that this state boasts. Being a nature lover, I am truly blessed to be in a profession where reconnecting to your health through nature’s tools is at the very center of your healing.

Patrice Bowes

I grew up enjoying the outdoors in many ways – from hiking, camping and pretty much anything you can do on the water, or under it! I was always playing outside, building forts, riding bikes, climbing trees, and constantly exploring the wood and world around us. This probably explains why, even as an adult, I still love going on any kind of new adventure! My most recent adventure is pursuing my board certification as a naturopathic doctor. It has truly been a lifelong adventure, taking the steps and following the path that is meant for me.

The first clue to my future profession came from a young age. Studying Native American Culture and learning about their connection to mind, body, and spirit. Through adventures come injuries. I sought chiropractic care for running injuries. This was my first taste of what “other doctors” could do. After working for various doctors in “traditional medicine” as an M.A., phlebotomist, EKG tech, and office manager for a several years I really realized there was more to medicine than just pills – that was an eye opener! People were getting sicker from the “fix” than from the original symptoms. Very few were making that connection of mind and body. Even less were looking of the “root” of the issue.

I became passionate about what was really in our food, personal care and home cleaning products, and started reading anything I could get my hands on about living a “greener and cleaner” life. I just wanted to be healthier and help other people be healthy in a natural way.

At this point I got very serious about studying Herbology. The things I could do with plants was truly amazing. But how to break from the medical word into the holistic world? I knew I had the drive, passion, and intelligence to make a difference in people’s lives and I needed a platform to do it. After almost sixteen years working and teaching in the medical field, I had found a path to once and for all meld my natural ability and desire to care for others and my interest in holistic medicine and nature.

I feel strongly about giving back to those in need, and as such I have created a program to honor those who have served. Eventually I intend to create a free clinic of sorts to take this even further. Now that you know a bit of my journey, I look forward to being a part of yours in your own adventure toward health!

Patrice Bowes

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”
~ Hippocrates

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition”
~ Thomas Edison, 1908

Credentials: Patrice is a licensed medical massage therapist who has successfully completed board examinations administered by the State of Florida. She earned her title as Master Herbalist and currently coaches’ clients on the benefits of various plants. She has earned her certification as a Personal Trainer from the International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association. A previous board member for the American Massage Therapy Association, she remains an active member of both the AMTA and the FSMTA.