Your First Visit

Step By Step

Step By Step

Your First Visit

Your First Visit to Serenity Solutions

Scheduling Your Appointment

During your call to book an appointment, we will ask you a couple of questions regarding your expectations: are you looking for a deep tissue session, a relaxing/nurturing session, or specific work? We are experts at matching you with the best staff member to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible, each and every time. We are passionate about providing you with extraordinary services on every visit!

Reminder Email

You will receive a courtesy reminder by email 24 hours prior to your appointment. If your schedule has changed, we will be more than happy to adjust your appointment within the limitations of our availability. Please keep in mind that we DO have a 24 hour cancellation policy – if you do miss our reminder email, or if for any reason we are unable to reach you.  Please coordinate with us before the end of the business day prior to your scheduled appointment regarding any cancellations or changes to your appointment.


You will be welcomed warmly by our receptionists with a request to fill out an Intake Form. This is an important step, as it provides us with an overview of your medical history and information concerning injuries or physical conditions that may impact your service.  As a time saver, feel free to download our forms, fill them out and bring them in with you.  You can get the forms that you need here

Once the paperwork is complete, you will be greeted by your therapist and guided to a room for your session. You may want to visit the restroom before your treatment.

We have some aromatherapy oils that can enhance your experience for a small additional fee.  Just mention it to your therapist.

Session Elements

Your therapist will conduct a short interview, which will include the question “what are your expectations for today’s service?” This is a good time to communicate what you hope to accomplish with your session – are you here for pain relief, chronic muscle issues, to de-stress, or to simply experience some much needed relaxation?

Once the interview is complete, your therapist will leave the room so that you can undress to your comfort level. After you disrobe, you will slip between the sheets that are on the table, covering yourself with the top sheet and blanket. This top sheet is used for draping – therapists will only uncover the part of your body that they are working on, and your modesty will be honored at all times. Please let your therapist know if you are too warm or too cool so that they can ensure your comfort. You can expect your room to be peaceful with dim lighting and music to enhance your experience.

You are in charge of your session – if you have a specific area or problem that needs be addressed, your therapist will prioritize it within your treatment. If you have multiple areas of concern, you may want to take advantage of extending your time to increase the effectiveness of your treatment. (Although the full body is addressed in every session, there is generally time for one focus area in a 50 minute treatment.) It is very important to communicate regarding the pressure level that your therapist is applying throughout the session – if you need more or less pressure, do not be afraid to let your therapist know.

Once your treatment is complete, your therapist will leave the room so that you can dress. Take a few moments and breathe in your experience, letting yourself feel the changes in your body and the relaxation of your mind.

Completion of Session

Your therapist will be waiting outside the room with some water and possibly a recommendation for your next visit. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have at this time, or to provide your feedback regarding the full session. The therapist will lead you back to the lobby, where a receptionist will check you out, answer any questions, and assist you with scheduling your next appointment.

We are dedicated to providing you with extraordinary services, each and every time. Thank you for choosing Serenity Solutions!