Each plan is designed to be all-inclusive. Please speak to a team member for a benefits list.

We are by appointment only. Whether in office or virtual we offer appointments 6 days per week. We make every effort to be here for you when you need us.

Family plans available.


$130 per visit

To get established, or just a one-time meeting. Not part of the monthly programs.

We perform a variety of tests* and evaluations. This allows us to create your most accurate assessment and treatment plan.

*Some testing requires no food or drink for two hours prior to the visit.


$35 per month

For those relatively healthy, just trying to maintain health naturally.


  • 3 Sick care visits
  • 1 Annual physical/naturopathic visit – (standard)
  • 1 Annual review of findings
  • 6 ancillary sessions per year


$65 per month

For fairly healthy in need of support or pediatric care/family care.


  • 3 Sick care visits
  • 1 Quarterly naturopathic visit
  • 2 Annual reviews of findings
  • 6 ancillary services per year


$110 per month

Have a disease process.


  • 3 Sick care visits
  • 1 Monthly naturopathic visit
  • 1 Monthly basic detox visit
  • 2 Annual review of findings
  • Swedish Massage each month*

*upgrade to other massage modalities @ $20



$295 per month

All of the benefits of the quarterly plan, for a family of up to four.


  • 3 Sick care visits each
  • 1 Quarterly naturopathic visit each
  • 2 Annual reviews of findings each
  • 6 ancillary services each per year
Ancillary sessions include:
  • steam Sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • ionic foot detox
  • oxygen with aromatherapy
  • emotional release therapy
  • guided meditation
  • Concierge service
  • 15-minute discovery call is required prior to booking the first meeting – no charge
  • Follow up can be virtual or in-person.

*Addons can be made at the time of treatment.